WALK ON is a web3 and AI creative company offering new content & experiences.
The message behind the company name is to encourage people around the world to "keep walking" in times of uncertainty, such as the damage caused by COVID-19 to the world, the war in Ukraine and the ensuing energy price hikes, the Myanmar uprising,


1. Digital Renaissance

We aim to contribute to Japan and the world in the fields of culture and art by creating a "Digital Renaissance" & "Innovation" using the power of AI in Web3, the next generation Internet society.

2. Equal Internet Society

We aim to create an Internet/digital world where people around the world can truly enjoy freedom of human rights, equality, expression, communication, economic activities, and safety in their living spaces, regardless of country or region of birth, race, gender, age, physical individual differences, economic disparities, etc.

3. New Life Infrastructure and Access Rights

We will contribute to the establishment of a world with Web3 and AI as a new lifestyle infrastructure and access rights, such as the purchase of various tickets, restaurant reservations, access rights through NFT, and telemedicine through Metaverse and VR.



We will not be "Money First" in terms of Evil, but rather, we will exist and continue to exist for the development of art & culture, and for the benefit of society, and we will disclose information to our members and stakeholders with integrity, and create an organization with equality.

2.Contribute to a better future

We will contribute to a better future. And wel always think about what we can do for the future and for the people and youth who will live in the future, rather than vested interests, and we will contribute to that end.

3.Connecting with others

We will be an organization that treats people not as a single social account on the Internet/Digitalt, but as real people living in the real world, and that focuses on communication to build trust and relationships with others.


Issues Income Inequality

Humanity has become richer with technological innovation. The Internet and digital will also create economic growth and new jobs if we go to the next phase of innovation with the power of AI and Web3.

Education Gap

Current universities cost too much money but do not teach true wisdom for survival. And poverty, and even crime, is caused by uneducation.

Web3 is full of men who are traders and gamers.
There is an urgent need to develop the female market in Web3.


There are no more frontiers in the real world, but there are still frontiers in the information space. We will version up the world's infrastructure, the Internet, to make Web3 a social infrastructure, and use AI and blockchain technology to create an educational revolution.
In the spring of 2023, we will start with the Web3 media "THAMANI" and its accompanying store, followed by the launch of the supermarket app "THAMANI", then the chain membership app "Avaaa" for cafes and other restaurants, and the human proof verification system "PROOFY", which is no longer essential for Web3 due to the threat of AI. The launch of "PROOFY" system.
In another 3 years, "THAMANIVERS," a 3D educational game where children can gain knowledge while having fun, and students and professionals can receive certificates of attendance at NFT, which they can write on their resumes and use to change jobs.


It is to establish "THMANIVERSITY", a metaverse university for the 2030s, where students can receive the world's latest education, transcending regional, economic, race, religion, age, and gender disparities.


WALK ON's NFT-produced projects

  • Content creators are assisted in the complicated process of converting their work to basic English-based NFT, and WALK ON's NFT specialist staff will help them develop a strategy on which marketplaces they can sell their work on to make the most sales and profit, and how to promote it. WALK ON will receive a start-up fee to create a wallet, mint the work, decide which marketplaces to sell it on and at what price, and develop a promotion strategy, while at the same time setting WALK ON's profit at a few per cent after secondary distribution. Then, you need to buy the crypto asset on a Japanese crypto exchange, send it to a wallet, and from there list it on the NFT platform, setting the initial price and the percentage share from secondary distribution onwards. The whole process is based on jargon-laden English, and is too complicated for Japanese people who are not good at English to do the work. In order to solve these problems, WALK ON's NFT Produce Business acts on behalf of content creators from the minting of the work to the preparation of the wallet and the exhibition of the work.
    WALK ON's NFT Produce business is designed to act on behalf of content creators, from minting the work to preparing the wallet and exhibiting it.


A platform integrating NFT specialized media, SNS, and NFT select stores

  • THAMANI means "value" in Swahili, and it expresses our desire to "create better value" in the 2020s, when the global information revolution, including COVID-19 and the digital/internet revolution, will drastically change conventional values. In addition, by using the Swahili language, we are conscious of the African market, which is experiencing remarkable economic development. There is probably no other NFT platform in the world that integrates media, a social networking system, and a select store, so we can have an advantage over other companies in media development in English, introduction and branding of artists and works, and sales in the store. We believe that this will be a platform.


  • A research institute in the Web3 domain (NFT, Metaverse, Crypto, Blockchain, VR/AR/MR/XR), headed by Tomo, and in the business of selling the latest reports from the Web3 world (UK, US, China, Korea, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindu speaking countries) to Japanese companies that are starting to take measures against Web3. This Lab is already developing a Facebook group, with 230 participants. Donations will also be collected to fund overseas coverage.
  • https://www.web3reseachlab.com/en

THAMANI About Metaverse development

  • Metaverse development of THAMANI. It enables expression, communication and business in the virtual space. WALK ON will also create a THAMANI gallery in the metaverse, where works can be exhibited and sold. We will also create a community space, an event space and a THAMANI brand shop and assign a community manager to manage it and increase the number of fans.


Tomo Yoneda

Founder and CEO of WALK ON, Director of WEB3 RESEARCH LAB, NFT Artist, Thinker

As editor-in-chief of Lifehacker Japan and founding editor-in-chief of FINDERS, he has traveled extensively overseas and interviewed many VIPs. He is the author of many books, including "Designing Life in the Modern Age.
In 2011, he appeared in a Google commercial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjOMxHaqRP8&t=1s). Through his connections with leading contemporary creators and 25 years of media experience, he was fascinated by the future and possibilities of the latest creative Web3, and studied Web3 mainly at NFT for 2 years from 2020. As an artist herself, she has exhibited her digitized collage art, photography, and illustrations on marketplaces such as OpenSea (https://opensea.io/Tomo_Tokyo). Visit the Metaverse Gallery at https://www.spatial.io/s/Tomos-Virtual-Area-63de3fcd05e5d17a2b3be3ec?share=7848524200332869734&fbclid=IwAR28O30 qPqZnwS5KF6WMMt84X5V6eUHrL6VSznyY3B49_-_4qcJtPbGtEyU)
In 2023, he was the first Japanese to receive the Outstanding Leadership Award at the INTERNET 2.0 CONFERENCE - SPRING DUBAI (https://www.internet2conf.com/dubai-spring-2023).
He also writes lyrics and composes music as a musician.
He is also an instructor of Japanese free flower arrangement and a podcaster with a program called "web3jani (https://open.spotify.com/show/4npEtQRpxXDvP6m9dymAKF?si=292ea45aa50d4b70)". In WALK ON, he teaches philosophy design, management design, strategic design, business operations, and editor-in-chief of THAMANI.

Partner AI Company

We have partnered with a world-class AI company, which we will not name because of the NDA. Their technology is below and meets all our needs.

Numbers you can trust 12+ yrs of developing AI solutions 2 weeks to create a PoC tailored to your needs >98% AI model detection accuracy Unlimited connected devices

Business intelligence:Industry applications for AI surveillance
Human behavior:more than 98% accuracy / Emergency Detection
Camera Tampering / Anti-tailgating / Violence Detection /Accident Detection /Fall Detection
Education:Oversee the school's students, teachers, staff and infrastructure altogether to create a ・nurturing environment.
Healthcare:Proactive security solutions to protect patients, staff, and infrastructure in monitored areas.
Smart City
Public Safety
Manufacturing:Closely monitor all steps of the manufacturing process to enforce regulations, minimize production errors and ensure high-quality output.
Retail:Maintain the order and security of shopping areas, as well as as optimize the workflow and enhance the user experience.
Logistics:Maintain the order and security of shopping areas, as well as optimize the workflow and enhance the user experience.
Security Enhancement: Real-time response, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day


Company Name WALKON Inc.

Aoyama Marutake Building 6F, 3-1-36 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku,Tokyo

Representative Director Tomohiko Yoneda
Business Sales, licensing, and management of art works and other copyrighted works

Development and production of art works and other copyrighted works

Issuance and operation of digital asset certificates using non-functional tokens (NFTs)

Operation of a platform for the sale and purchase of rights related to digital assets

Investments in works of art and other works of authorship, digital assets, digital asset certificates, non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs), blockchain and other digital technologies

Consulting and production of trading of rights related to NFTs and digital assets

Planning, drafting, implementation and operation of various events, seminars, lectures, etc.

Operation of education business

Operation of businesses related to augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), alternate reality (XR) and other artificial realities

To buy, sell, lease, and otherwise operate real estate businesses

All operations incidental to the above items.




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